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Why Move Now?

I currently run two websites on two different platforms. The idea with this is that they both can have their own focus and I can figure out what I like about one platform versus another, and I get to experience different products with different users in mind. One of my sites, is on Squarespace while the other is on Tumblr.

While the Squarespace site is beautiful, and they offer many additional ways to make it even more beautiful, I’ve never really found it to be the place I want to write. I thought Tumblr might be a better fit for that, but it wasn’t either. It was just too much work to open up an application for either of the platforms and type something in. Tumblr is more of a social-blogging platform anyways, and since I’m not really involved with the greater community, I didn’t get to realize the benefit of those features like other users have.

In the past, I’ve had a few blogs on WordPress, and I really enjoy it as a content management solution — although I don’t plan on using its interface to write. I have Ulysses for that.

Ulysses is a writing app that’s offered for Apple’s ecosystem that, just by owning it, makes me want to write more. That’s nothing short of a miracle. In a recent feature update, they announced that they’re now supporting a “publish to WordPress” option. As soon as I heard about this, I couldn’t stop thinking about switching over to WordPress — especially since my favorite place to write could now become my favorite publishing platform.

In short, I’ve opted to move my Tumblr-based site to WordPress.

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