A work in progress

Adding Site Information

Clicking around on the WordPress admin, I noticed that you can customize site information. For example, you can customize the Site Identity, which includes the Site Title, Tagline, and even a Site Icon to display.

I want to do something simple with the Tile and Tag Line. For now, I just want to add them within the <title> tags for my site so they’ll display that name in the web browser’s tabs. More details about different customization options can be found on the Appearance Customize Screen guide offered by WordPress.

Thankfully, getting the info that I want is fairly simple. It can be surfaced by using the get_bloginfo() function. I updated the title tag in my header.php file to the following:

        <?php echo get_bloginfo('name'); ?> &mdash; 
        <?php echo get_bloginfo('description'); ?>

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