A work in progress

Deploying Local WordPress to a Server

Early on in registering my site with my hosting provider, I had an issue where the domain wouldn’t map over right away. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal, but since I had a chunk of time to really dig into building a WordPress site, I didn’t want to waste any of it waiting.

To get up an running quickly, I installed MAMP: Macintosh, Apache, MySQL, PHP. MAMP basically runs an Apache server on my Mac that has a MySQL database and support for the PHP programming language, which WordPress is built with. That way, I would be able to start building while my domain was busy mapping over to my new host from Tumblr.

Now that I have a site with a few posts, I figure it’s time to get it on the internet and continue working on it in the open.

Exporting the Database

Since I’ve already got WordPress installed on my host, I’m hoping this process will be fairly simple. This is a step I think I can actually skip. While I have test posts loaded into my local site, I don’t need the database since I’ll be publishing them using Ulysses. I will need to upload the other files, however.

Transferring Files via FTP

I’m going to use an app for the Mac called Transit. It’s built by a small team of Mac developers that make great software, and I try to support then whenever I can. Their products are always very thoughtful and functional — two keys to a great application.

Looks like I can just click and drag files over into the right directories and I’m done!

Publishing from Ulysses

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I use Ulysses for nearly all of my writing that involves a computer — As soon as they made the announcement that they were releasing an update where I could publish to WordPress, I decided to drop my Tumblr site and move everything to WordPress right away. It’s been a fun adventure so far… All I have to do to publish is click a share icon, enter my credentials, and let the magic happen.

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