A work in progress


If this is my first post on tinkering, I should get a medal. If not, well… that’s to be expected.

I tend to enjoy messing with things until I get them right.

Currently, I’m stuck in a bit of a hard spot. I want to get a few things squared away before my next post, but I might just post this one describing where I’m stuck now with the site, and we’ll see how we work it out.

The site has three priorities right now, as I see it:

  1. Get navigation up and running.
  2. Figure out good typefaces at appropriate sizes for the body text, headings, and code… maybe the navigation while we’re at it.
  3. Update the style of the code samples to be a little less “Bootstrap-y”, maybe with some syntax highlighting.

Right now, the blog looks more-or-less like this

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